Enrolment and Progression Enrolment

Parents/Caregivers are requested to make an appointment with the Principal to enrol a child or make enquires. It is suggested that enrolments be made well in advance of the child starting school.

Custody of Children

Please advise the Principal of the current state of or any change in legal custody. All information is confidential.


It is the policy for students to spend 12 terms in Junior Primary classes (Reception - Year 2)

Students must be 5 years of age on or before 1st May to start school.

Decisions about the progress of particular students will depend on regular consultation and negotiations between parent/caregivers, teachers and Principal.

Class Placement

Students are placed in classes according to a variety of factors. These include the number of students in classes, ratio of boys/girls, academic balance of the class, friendships, etc. Parents/Caregivers are encouraged to give information to the school about their child's special needs in the lead up to classes being organised.


Please notify the school by letter or phone call each time your child is absent. It would be appreciated if you read the attached brochure which explains the school policy on attendance.

Year 7/8 Transition

Students and their families are assisted during the time leading up to students continuing their education in a High School. Our school will distribute enrolment forms for Year 8 when they are available and arrange information sessions so effective choice can be made.

Transferring from the School

If you know in advance that your child/children will be leaving the school please let the class teacher/s, office staff or Principal know. This enables us to collect all the student's books etc for them to take to their new school and ensure that all library books and borrowed equipment are returned.